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A Call To Spy

A Call to Spy is Inspired by true stories. that introduces us to three female spies who had an undeniable influence in weakening the Nazi regime.

Most war films, or rather all of them, are generally dedicated to men and their service in war. But here we see a spy movie starring women, which is a new change in this genre and has received good feedback from everyone.
in addition to female cast women dominate the movie behind the camera as well and the director is the costume designer and all are women.

Also Sarah Megan Thomas is the producer and actress in all three positions.
Even Lillie Rebecca McDonough composed the music for the film.

Sarah Megan Thomas has written the screenplay after years of researching historical records. She also met with family and friends of Virginia Hall to play her role.

Radhika Apte also went on to study character-related novels for the role of Noor Inayat Khan. she also saw spy movies for a better Play.

The cast, also featuring Linus Roache, Rossif Sutherland and Samuel Roukin, looks strong as well.

The film has received awards. one from the Alliance of Women Film Journalists and the other is the Audience Choice Award at the Whistler Film Festival with 97% of the vote.

Official Trailer

The British were almost Disappointed, but the women, who were not overly suspected by the Nazis, became involved in espionage so that they could infiltrate and spy on intelligence.

Everyone knows that the Soviets were very interested in espionage, as well as teaching espionage to women.
But it is less well known that Britain had spies, including women, on a smaller scale. in the original trailer we see women are trained after being selected


The film was well received by the audience at the festival And there are good reviews from critics. here are some of which we will take a look at.

Indie express:

A Call to Spy seems to be focusing on the characters instead of events, which is always welcome.

Arianna Bocco from IFC Films said:

“It’s rare to find a war movie with one complex female character – let alone three, as in A CALL TO SPY. Lydia Dean Pilcher and Sarah Megan Thomas have beautifully crafted the true story of real women who confronted hatred in World War II, and we’re thrilled to bring their film the attention it deserves.”

Pilcher has said that what has caught his attention for the film is the multicultural power and unity of women. which has received less attention in history.

“These three women, driven by the stakes of humanity, had a choice to collaborate, do nothing, or resist. Their stories are more relevant today than ever” said Pilcher.


Early in World War II, with Britain becoming increasingly desperate, Winston Churchill instructed the new spy agency, SOE, to recruit women and train them for espionage and sabotage.

A Call to Spy introduces us to two female spies who had an undeniable influence in weakening the Nazi regime. A Call To Spy Filmed in Philadelphia and Budapest and drops in theaters on October 2.

Movie Details

Directer: Lydia Dean Pilcher

Writer:  Sarah Megan Thomas

Producer: Sarah Megan Thomas

Music composed by: Lillie Rebecca McDonough

Release Date: 2 October 2020 (USA)

Genre: Biography, Drama, Thriller

Runtime: 123 min

Stars: Sarah Megan Thomas, Stana Katic, Radhika Apte

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