Candyman Movie Download And Review

candyman download

Candyman Movie Download And Review

After the return of the Halloween movie franchise in 2018, the latest horror movie series that will return to theaters will be the Candyman movie series. Few people do not know the famous director Jordan Peele. He has directed famous films such as Get out and US 2019, and has now returned in the role of one of the writers of this film.

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Peel co-wrote the film with Win Rosenfeld and director Nia DaCosta. If you remember, the original version of Candyman was released in 1992, and then in 1995 and 1999 the sequels Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh and Candyman: Day of the Dead were released. Now, according to Jordan Peel, the film will be released as a spiritual sequel to the original version of the film, which appears to trace the events of previous sequels.

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Universal Studios has recently begun remaking successful past horror films. From the remake of The Invisible man, which was released in March of last year, to the not-so-strong remake of The Mummy, a strange mix of films has been established for the studio.

At first, the actor in the original version of the film, Tony Todd, was not interested in remaking the film, but as soon as Jordan Peele was announced in the development team, he changed his mind and decided to play a role in the film.

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Candyman movie trailer

The trailer above is the first and only official trailer released for the film, which shows horrific scenes from the latest version of the Candyman franchise. In this trailer, we see the character of McCoy walking around the city of Chicago, which we also saw in the original movie Candyman.

Chicago is where the various Candyman legends began. The events that take place in this trailer are very interesting. You can enjoy watching this trailer above.

What is the story of Candyman?

Candyman Movie Download And Review

As mentioned earlier, the remake of this film, according to Jordan Peele, will be a spiritual sequel to the original 1992 film. Speaking to Peel about the film, he said:

The original version of Candyman was a film dedicated to black people in a horror film. Along with Night of the Living Dead, the film also created new and creative ideas for me as a director. It’s exciting to have someone like Nia direct the new version of this movie.

We are proud to create the next episode of Candyman with a certain enthusiasm. In this way, we can introduce the legend of Clive Barker to all viewers and lovers of horror movies around the world.

candyman reivew

With the release of the first trailer of the film, which we mentioned earlier, an official text was released by the studio that made this film, which provides some general idea of ​​the film’s story. In this text we read:

Anthony McCoy, a visual artist with his wife Brianna Cartwright, who also manages a gallery, now, a decade after the collapse of the last Cabrini Tower, is now a luxury home in They have moved to the Cabrini area.

This area of ​​the city of Chicago, which was considered one of the lower areas of the city, has now become one of the most populous and beautiful parts of the city with numerous renovations and regular celebrations. Although Anthony’s career as a painter is nearing collapse, he becomes acquainted with the scary nature and scary and forgotten Candyman tales after meeting an old Cabrini resident.

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Fearing to lose his place in the world of painters, Anthony takes an idea of ​​the mysterious nature of this mysterious character and begins to draw paintings by Candyman. By doing so, Anthony, unaware of the consequences, reopens the door to a complex past that endangers his mental health. It also sets in motion a terrifying wave of violence among the people, all of which pushes Anthony against his fate.

Candyman Movie Download And Review

Candyman Details

Movie Name: Candyman 2020

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Product Country: Canada, USA

Score: – out of 10

Year of publication: 2020

period of time:

English language

Director: Nia DaCosta

Authors: Jordan Peele (screenplay by), Win Rosenfeld (screenplay by)

Stars: Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Teyonah Parris, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett

Candyman Movie Download

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