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The trailer for Honest robber starring Liam Neeson has just been released. The film tells the story of Tom Carter, a thief (played by Neeson) who, by hiding his identity, managed to steal $ 9 million from various banks in the United States. But something new is happening in Tom’s life. He falls in love with Annie (played by Kate Walsh), who has a lively character, and decides to start his life from scratch by confessing to his crimes and abandon his dark past.

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Honest Thief Official Trailer

One can guess that with this new decision everything becomes complicated. Officers tasked with arresting him and returning Tom’s stolen property decide to step on the lion’s tail and keep Tom’s stolen property for themselves. When they reach out to Annie, they ruin the whole account. Jay Courtney and Anthony Ramos play the role of the two agents.
Mark Williams (not Williams seen on The Fast Show and Harry Potter) co-directed and co-wrote with Steve Alrich. If all goes according to plan, Honest Thief will be released in US cinemas from October 9 (October 18).

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Liam Neeson and star in the new movie

Unfortunately, with all due respect to Liam Neeson and his memorable roles, (there are few cinematic friends who do not like Liam Neeson in the awe of the Irish liberal politician Michael Collins) ‌ But we have to admit that in recent years the Irish actor has insisted a lot. He plays in adventure movies and constantly plays the role of a reclusive Bahadori who is willing to do anything to save his family life.

Evidence suggests that Liam Neeson is set to reprise his role several times in a new film. The new film, which can be guessed from the same title, is called Honest Thief, and tells the story of Neeson as a professional thief who tries to get $ 7 million from the warehouse where his fiancé is stored. To steal. The story becomes more complicated when a corrupt policeman follows in Nison’s footsteps and tries to hit him.

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Liam Neeson and expectations for new roles

It remains to be seen how Liam Neeson will fare in his new role in Honest Thief, and whether the veteran actor has a plan to change his acting style in action movies, or whether the honest thief will end up with the same character. We can see the same thing over and over again in Liam Neeson’s films of recent years.

Which of Liam Neeson’s films do you like the most, and which Liam Neeson’s soundtrack still lingers in your memory?

More Details About Honest Thief

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Movie language: English
Year of publication: 2020
Product: USA
Director: Mark Williams
Stars: Jai Courtney, Jeffrey Donovan, Kate Walsh, Liam Neeson
Age classification: Not specified

Honest Thief movie release date

Releases October 23, 2020

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