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Host Movie download

“Host” movie is Rob Savage’s first film, As a small film and small budget is Much more astonishing and impressive than the seemingly insignificant thing at first glance.

Laptop cinema, with the loss of its novelty, is now a kind of boredom in the horror genre. But the filmmaker has been able to deconstruct and present an admirable film with the least facilities.

The host film is in the category of natural cyber films and laptop films such as Unfriended, which could bring people back to the horror genre. The film also falls into the new category of Found Footage Horror.

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About Host Movie

The remarkable point in this film is that all the actors filmed themselves separately at home and the film is made entirely on the Zoom platform, which is a video calling software, and in the end, the film was edited remotely.

If we want to be more precise, we see that even the real names of the actors are used in the film.

The film is so straightforward that the viewer, because of shared experiences, identifies with the actors and makes the film more believable, and the film can also be a metaphor for the very real fears of life in the Corona era.
We may be deceiving ourselves through video chat software that we can still be together, but the “host” is gradually bursting our illusion.

In the movie, we do not see any scary and unexpected scenes like the rest of the movies. But the process of the story and the play of the actors convey a feeling.

Although the film has a short duration, the tensions and fears do not diminish during the film and the viewer does not feel tired. And this is one hour of what people need at home away from the cinema

The film wastes no time in introducing you to the characters: a group of friends decides to pass the time by summoning the dead instead.

Haley and her friends join Zoom as usual for a video call, but this time Haley has invited a seventh guest named Ceylan, a middle-aged employee, to lead the group during a virtual summons. But it does not take long for them to notice strange things happening…

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A quick look at a few reviews

During the quarantine period, The cinema market and all companies and directors have stagnated And so everyone is looking for a way to make their film.

The movie earned a 6/7 score in IMDB and 72% on Metacritic

Benjamin Lee in the guardian says:

The Host is a lean, nasty little exercise that might not linger for very long but it shows what can be done during this difficult time.

Al Hornerin the Empire Says :

An adrenaline-spiking fresh take on a well-worn horror format, Host transcends its high-concept premise to deliver original ideas.

If the future of filmmaking is remote and socially distanced, a Zoom seance isn’t such a bad place to start. Rob Savage, the director and co-writer of “Host,” finds a surprising amount of ingenuity in mining the horror of yet another quarantine conference call.


Six friends accompany each other during the quarantine routine for a video call, and this time it is Haley’s turn to arrange a contest or entertainment.

Bored Jemma decides to have some fun and tell a fake story about a boy in her school who hanged himself. Now, in the meantime, his joke allows the presence of demons to pass through him. Now, with the presence of the devil, everyone witnesses strange things and gives the possibility that they may not survive the night.

Host Movie Details

runtime: 57 min

Initial release: July 30, 2020

Director: Rob Savage

Writers: Gemma Hurley, Rob Savage

Stars: Haley Bishop, Jemma Moore, Emma Louise Webb

Host movie download

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