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No time to die

Espionage, deadly weapons, big conspiracies and of course beautiful women. These are all elements of the James Bond film series. James Bond No Time To Die is the newest and twenty-fifth film in the British spy series.

This film is very important for James Bond fans in many ways. On the one hand, this film is the last work in which we see Daniel Craig, and on the other hand, it seems that with his departure from this role, No Time To Die will be the end of this series of adventures of Agent 007.

After all, it’s the latest James Bond film, and that alone can excite any fan; Especially since it ‘s been about five years since the release of the last film in the series, James Bond Specter, and this is the longest distance since Craig’ s presence in the series.

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The release date of No Time To Die was a week ahead

At a time when all of Hollywood is delaying the release date of their films, MGM Studios has decided to postpone the release date of the latest James Bond film by a week. With the release of this news, the release date of James Bond No Time To Die was changed from November 25 to November 20 .

No Time To Die Official Trailer

The story of the movie No Time To Die

So far, except for one trailer, not much information has been released about the story of the film, but, considering the same trailer, we can guess the overall story of the film to some extent. As shown in the trailer, James Bond retires and lives in Jamaica. Of course, his distance from the world of espionage does not last long. Especially when Felix Leiter, an old friend and CIA agent, asks him for help.

Meanwhile, it seems that his new enemy in this movie is in the form of a mysterious character named Safin. On the other hand, Madeleine Swann, the former lover of the gang, seems to have secrets that have put herself and the gang in a dangerous situation. We also saw the presence of Blofeld, the former head of Specter, in the trailer.

No Time To Die Official Trailer

Actors in the movie No Time To Die

As I mentioned before, there is a mix of familiar and new actors in this film. Some of the characters we’ve met before in Agent 007 include Daniel Craig (James Bond), Naomie Harris (Miss Moneypenny), Ralph Fiennes (M), Ben Wishsaw (Q). named. Also starring Jeffery Wright (as Felix Leiter), Christoph Waltz (as Blofeld), Lea Seydoux (as Dr. Madeleine Swann) and Rory Kinnear (as Bill Danner) are the actors we saw in previous episodes of the James Bond series.

But in terms of new actors, the group includes famous and successful actors such as Bohemian Rhapsody (Oscar winner) and Rami Malek (Mr. Robot star).

Rami Malek plays the negative character of the movie named Safin. Of course, we do not know much about the story of the film and how he relates to James Bond, but it seems that he has already been severely injured and is somehow related to Madeleine Swann.

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Who wrote the script for the latest James Bond movie?

James Bond No Time To Die, like other major Hollywood films and, of course, previous films in the series, has gone through ups and downs in choosing writers and writing screenplays. Initially, Neal Purvis and Robert Wade were the first people hired to write the script for the film in 2017. After choosing Danny Boyle as director, he hired his old colleague John Hodge to write a different script.

After the two left the project, Purvis and Wade returned to writing and the script was given to Paul Haggis. Eventually, at the request of Craig, the creator of the Killing Eve and Fleabag stories, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, was added to the collection to write more fluid dialogue.

As you can see, the script of this work has been rewritten several times by different authors. Of course, as I said before, this is common among big Hollywood projects, and I hope that all of this will eventually lead to a good movie.

Who is the director of No Time To Die?

No Time To Die download gomovies

Directing the film, like its writers, has a long story. The film was vacated after Sam Mendes left the James Bond series. Mendes announced in 2016 that he would no longer direct the James Bond series after directing two films, Skyfall and Specter. He told The Guardian in an interview:

It was an incredible adventure. I loved every second of it but I think now is someone else’s turn. Finally, after this, I want to make stories with new characters.

After Mendes left the series, there were rumors about the presence of the famous English director Christopher Nolan. Shortly afterwards, Nolan told BBC Radio

I will not be that person. Certainly not me. I think every time they want to hire a new director, there is a rumor that I am that director. They do not need me in particular, but I have always been impressed by these films and would love to make one of them one day.

Finally, after all this, it was in 2018 that Variety reported that Danny Boyle would be directing the next James Bond film. Boyle is best known for his films Slumdog Millionnaire, Trainspotting, Steve Jobs and 127 Hours. However, after working on the project for several months, the director resigned due to “differences of opinion on the film’s ideas.”

The news was first announced by Michael G. Wilson, Barbara Broccoli and Daniel Craig, and was later confirmed by the James Bond Twitter account. With his departure from the project, Cary Fukunaga finally became the director of the film.

Everything else you need to know about the latest James Bond movie

James Bond No Time To Die is the most expensive film in the series to date. The film reportedly cost around 200 million euros to make in December last year, ranking first in this regard. Then come Specter at 182 million and Skyfall at 138 million.

Another exciting point of this movie is the reappearance of the famous Aston Martin Agent 007 car, namely the Aston Martin V8 Vantage model. This car was first shown by Dalton in The Living Daylights. Another interesting thing about the film is its song. The soundtrack was sung by young and emerging singer Billie Eilish.

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