The Secrets We Keep Review, Official Trailer

The Secrets We Keep review

There has been a lot of “The Secrets We Keep” review about a story of the Holocaust and an Israeli director who wants to have something to tell in cinema with Noomi Rapace as stra of the movie. Stay with us

Cast and crew

Noomi Rapace, a 41-year-old Swedish actress with the trilogy The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, was able to prove herself well in cinema friends and quickly starred in big movies like Prometheus, and Child 44. As for the main star of Noomi Rapace, all mid-level directors can make a good film just by using her brilliant acting. And this is what happens in some of Noomi’s films, and here we see a mediocre film with her strong acting.

Joel Kinnaman has starred in blockbusters such as Child 44, Safe House, Suicide Squad, and has also starred in TV series including Hanna, House of Cards, and For All Mankind.

Both Joel Kinnaman and Noomi Rapace were born in Sweden and both also starred in 2015’s “Child 44”.

Messina is strong in his comedy acting career, but here he isn’t able to make much of a role that forces him to be and his character is not much discussed here and he feels lost in his role and one of the reasons is the not-so-appropriate dialogues.

Yuval Adler, who does not have many films in his filmmaking career, and his latest movie was The Operative in 2019. now he wrote the script with the help of Ryan Covington but directed the film alone (which we discuss later) had many negative reviews.

Art history is the history of creators, but here Yuval Adler and Ryan Covington did not create a unique screenplay, and they did not do much with the aforementioned story.

The most disappointing thing about the film is the Israeli director’s second English-language film since 2013’s explosive “Bethlehem”. and the golden point of the film is that it admirably avoids speechifying.

The Secrets We Keep Official Trailer

Bleecker Street acquired the rights to The Secrets We Keep in May and was finally released on September 16 and will be available digitally from October 16. Dear readers of the site, you can watch the trailer below.


The film has received average ratings on film review sites. Metacritic: 46% IMDB: 5.3/10 Rottentomatoes: 63%

“The Secrets We Keep” doesn’t do right by the Holocaust history it invokes and has the same story as the film “Death and the Maiden”. It tells the story of a woman who becomes suspicious of someone after the war and feels that he is the same aggressor and torturer she faced during the war.

But the film proceeds in such an unacceptable way that maja, who has taken her son to the park, suddenly notices something that makes the viewer curious when she hears it. maja follows him to identify his face and when she believes he is the same Nazi officer

Glen Kenny in RogerEbert said:

This movie examines disturbing issues in the most unhelpful way possible. Its approach to character is substantially less profound than that of the EC Comics horror stories the movie frequently resembles.

Alonso Duralde in thewrap said:

There’s an interesting story to be told here — indeed, it already has been — but almost nothing about “The Secrets We Keep” sticks in the memory.

David Ehrlich in IndieWire said:

A listless, half-baked, vaguely Hitchcockian thriller about a Romani Holocaust survivor (a flushed Noomi Rapace) who’s trying to make a new life for herself in a Mayberry-like American suburb during the 1950s, Yuval Adler’s “The Secrets We Keep” hinges on a single question that it struggles to ask with the weight it demands and/or answer with the grindhouse-like glee it encourages: Is the friendly-seeming family man whose accented voice she recognizes in town one afternoon (Joel Kinnaman) actually one of the Nazi goons who executed her sister towards the end of the war?


In the United States, a Romanian woman and her husband seek to rebuild their lives after World War II. But things do not go smoothly until she realizes his neighbor was involved in the attack and murder of a group of women, including him and his sister in world war II.

Noomi Rapace in the role of Maja hopes to take revenge on her family, so she plans toand kidnap him and prepare a grave for his dead body after killing him. She’s determined to get the truth out of her captive and imprison him in their basement.

Maja and her sister were raped by German soldiers in the war and her sister was killed while 15 years later. Now Maja is reviewing her memories and figure out she should tell a hidden story and her husband does not know who to believe.

The prisoner whose she insists on being his killer denies Maja’s words and causes her to reveal her true identity to Lewis while she never shared with him about the hardships and aggressions of war.

Neighbors gradually become suspicious, and as maja seeks out the truth underground, Lewis must decide who to believe. A woman who has hidden her past and suffered psychological damage, or someone who is not a Nazi or maybe he is ?

Movie Details

Director: Yuval Adler

Writers: Yuval Adler, Ryan Covington

Producers: Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Stuart Ford, Erik Howsam, Adam Riback

Music: John Paesano

Production companies: AGC Studios, Di Bonaventura Pictures, Fibonacci Films, Echo Lake Entertainment, Kirkhaus Films

Distributor: Bleecker Street

Rating: R

Original Language: English

Country: USA

Filming Locations:  New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Box Office (Gross USA): $207.9K

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Drama

Release Date: 16 September 2020 (USA)

Runtime: 1h 38m

Stars: Noomi Rapace, Joel Kinnaman, Chris Messina, Amy Seimetz, Jackson Vincent

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