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Train to Busan

After 4 years, the movie Train to Busan 2 has been released in the same style in the cinemas. With the spread of the coronavirus and its spread, the apocalypse seems a more tangible concept. And that adds to the appeal of the film in these quarantined days. Nowadays, it is very common to gather our attention in public places such as the subway by hearing the sound of coughing. and to keep our distance. The fear that one disease will spread to us from another increase and reminds us of zombie or apocalyptic movies. Hence, the film finds a special place for the audience.

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Train to Busan 2: Peninsula An expensive zombie action movie in the style of Mad Max: Fury Road, made in Korea. But The Peninsula looks more superficial than Mad Max.

Review with Spoiler

Four years after the outbreak, zombies have taken over all of Korea, and Korea has lost contact with other countries. Now a group is heading to the Peninsula area to find a truck full of money.
In the previous episode, helping others was the main goal of the script, to the extent that the characters sacrificed themselves and had to make difficult decisions between the two. In this part, too, the characters experience a taste. (For example, at the beginning of the film, Zhong Seok decides not to help a family with a child who is left behind to save his sister. And this torment of conscience stays with the first character until the end of the film.)

But in the new part of this idea, Helping the other becomes less and all the important characters survive until the end of the film. This is what has hit the film. To fill the void, the filmmaker has resorted to using excessive computer visual effects and soundtracks and extra slow motion. The final part of the film is somewhat disappointing and seems to be due to the weakness of the script and the identity of the zombies.

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The negative point of the script

What the film suffers from the most is the anonymity of the zombies. Because we see zombies everywhere in the city but they are sensitive to light and sound. For this reason, the filmmaker can deceive the zombies and the characters of the film can easily escape. Now the zombies are considered so weak in our subconscious mind that when we encounter the characters. we know that the characters will not be harmed and eventually, they will escape. This view makes us no longer worry about the characters and follow the film with less excitement

In the previous episode, the zombies had recently transformed from the characters we had just met and were attacking those around them and their friends. And they kept the zombies in a wagon. And at the scene where the train went into the tunnel, the zombies became safe. But in this part, we see awkward zombies that are easily crushed under the car. They have the same two characteristics of the previous part, namely sensitivity to sound and blindness in the dark, and we do not see anything new in them that causes panic. Even with their abundance, our sensitivity to their dangerousness diminishes to the point that we are sure that the characters in the film survive.

The final look

But the film also had some positive points, for example, the film’s atmosphere shows a dead city that speaks well of the apocalyptic situation. Overturned cars, dilapidated stairs, and glass buildings full of zombies and abandoned places show a horrible picture of the future to humans.
Compared to the previous episode, in general, a little stress is transferred to the viewer, and this causes the film to be forgotten quickly. The optimistic look of the filmmaker makes us see a rescue scene at the end of the film, like in the American movies when a helicopter arrives and saves everyone. Which does not bring a pleasant feeling to the viewer.

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Train to Busan: Peninsula Movie Details

Director: Yeon Sang-ho

Writers: Sang-ho Yeon, Ryu Yong-Jae

Initial release: July 15, 2020 (South Korea)

Box office: $32.9 million

Budget: 16 million USD

Cast:  DongWon Gang, JungHyun Lee, Re Lee

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