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Last Man Down 2021

watch trailer the last man down in 2021

Last Man Down opens with a large, bearded man named  John Wood (Daniel Stisen, Rise of the Footsoldier 3, Following the Wicca Man) tied to a chair while being interrogated by an even larger man,  Commander Stone (Daniel Nehme, Redirected, Hard Tide). Stone also has a gun aimed at Wood’s wife. Unfortunately, John really doesn’t have the answers Stone wants.

Three years later John has retreated into the woods, leaving what’s left of a pandemic stricken world behind. His solitude is broken when Maria (Olga Kent), an escaped test subject, stumbles across his cabin. And who has been sent to bring her back? Do I really have to tell you it’s Commander Stone?

The opening of LAST MAN DOWN Official Trailer (2021) screams 80s action film. Both in the situation and the size of the two leads. It’s like Arnie staring down Vernon Wells in Commando or Lundgren and Stallone in Rocky 4 all over again. And, after so many years of action films full of pretty boys like Tom Cruise, it’s good to see actors who look like they can kick your ass in a film like this.


As a deadly pandemic decimates the planet, a former special forces soldier must protect a wounded woman from a crazed commander who killed his wife years earlier.

  • Rating:R (Violence and Language)
  • Genre:Action, Mystery & Thriller
  • Original Language:English
  • Director:Fansu Njie
  • Producer:Fansu Njie, Daniel Stisen
  • Writer:Andreas Vasshaug
  • Runtime:1h 27m

LAST MAN DOWN Official Trailer (2021) Virus Movie

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