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Archive Movie

The sci-fi movie “Archive” seems to want to be a combination of “Ex-Machina” movie and the “Black Mirror” series. Join us to review the film

The archive is a film that has tried to some extent to have some attractive features of the best films of its genre but has not been able to combine them well and present a coherent film. As a result, the viewer remembers one of the recent sci-fi films by seeing some scenes, and this makes the film itself not a unique work and is considered a failure in re-creation.

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In Gavin Rothery’s first work, we do not see a film full of creativity, but an amateur work. Instead of looking for a deconstructive look like Ari Aster’s films, This film is a collection of inspirations for a new and clear director. The filmmaker is so inspired by elements of other films that he has forgotten to create a work with his own unique signature. Therefore, the “archive” looks like a large hollow box decorated with a colorful gift wrap.

One of the stereotypes that science fiction cinema has highly valued is the stereotype of “the interaction of a human and a robot far from civilization. What we saw in “2001: A Space Odyssey” and “Alien” and now “Archive” is the newest member of this stereotype.

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The story is about a man named George Almore, a robotics expert who works on a project in a security organization. Along with George, there is a dumb square robot called J1 that reminds us of the tasty robots of Star Wars. There is also J2, which is more advanced than J1. George is building his new robot called J3. Although it was not finished, it is somewhat similar in appearance and self-awareness and emotion to humans. And George seeks to create a powerful human-level robot with artificial intelligence and emotion.

But the viewer, by better understanding the character of the film, predicts his purpose. Here we have a genius robotics scientist drowning in grief over the death of his wife.
Over time, J2 feels lonely and jealous of being ignored by its creator. At the same time, we find that George tries to hide the existence of “J2” and “J3” from his employers and pretends that his work is not over yet.

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The final look

The best part of the film is its visual aspect. Also, the world of film is one of those science-fiction worlds that is believable in terms of technological progress. However, even the best aspect of the film is not perfect. The visual form of the film does not remain the same.
The only positive thing about the ending is that it reveals the film’s biggest problem more clearly. The filmmaker is so involved in showing each and every cliché of his favorite science fiction stories. that he is unaware of the fact that with this gathering of clichés, an anonymous film is presented.

ARCHIVE Movie Trailer

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Director: Gavin Rothery

Lenth: 1h 49min

Genre: Sci-Fi 

Release date: 10 July 2020 (USA)

Writer: Gavin Rothery

Stars: Theo James, Stacy Martin, Rhona Mitra

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