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Join us to see Ava Official Trailer and review this action movie and drama with starring Jessica Chastain.

Ava new movie can be reminiscent of The Long Kiss Goodnight for some.
Because in The Long Kiss Goodnight, Gina Davis plays a former hired serial killer who loses his memory and becomes a kind mother. And the story unfolds in such a way that it re-engages with the events of its past, and we see Gina Davis as a kind mother, only with a sudden spark, she finds the inner evils of her past.

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Now we have Jessica Chastain in the role of ava, who is very similar to Gina Davis. Every time she wants to kill someone, she asks him to confess his bad deeds in order to escape the torment of her conscience and prove to herself that she does not kill a person for no reason. This morbid habit of ava at the very beginning of the film gives us a dual view of his character in such a way that as much as we see the dark halves in her, there are also light halves.

Ava Official Trailer


Now the hero of the film goes to Saudi Arabia and her habit becomes a problem for her. In a scene where soldiers arrive to finish the job of a murdered general. We see ava’s skill in emptying ammunition into the bodies of soldiers wearing bulletproof vests. The sound effects are so loud that they distract the viewer by raising the adrenaline at the same time. Also in another scene, when Colin Farrell and John Malkovich clash over ava life, the sound of splitting air by passing a knife is exaggerated. Movies like ava, however, add to their appeal with their adrenaline-fueled content.

If we ignore the body’s star of the film as a gorgeous star, which has half the appeal of the film to the viewer. Scenes, camera, light, and sound cannot create a combination that elevates the film above average level. And for an action movie, there is nothing worse than being called a mediocre action movie.

Movie Details

Director: Tate Taylor

Writer: Matthew Newton

Runtime: 1h 36min

Release Date: 25 September 2020 (USA)

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Stars: Jessica Chastain, John Malkovich, Common, Colin Farrell

Ava Movie Download

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