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Come Play is a new title in the horror genre that will be released soon. In this article, we will be with you to introduce and review the Come Play 2020 movie.

With the advent of digital technologies and smartphones around the world, many horror filmmakers have come up with the idea of making technology-focused horror movies and series. A world in which everyone is immersed and by making such films they want to inform everyone about the darkness of cyberspace.

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During these years, there were filmmakers who, by making horror movies and series like the Black Mirror, found a new and exciting way to tell the world that technology can be scary. In the following, we will deal with the latest film that deals with the horror world of technology, the movie Come Play. In the video above, you can also watch the Come Play movie trailer with Persian subtitles.

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Story of Come Play movie
Actors of Come Play 2020 movie
Release date of the horror film Come Play

Come Play 2020 Official Trailer

Come Play movie story

the story of Come Play is about a monster named Larry. Oliver, the imaginary son of a family with autism, uses his smartphone to unleash the monster. Oliver is a young boy who feels different from others. This feeling makes him distance himself from his friends. He takes refuge in his tablet and smartphone to calm himself from these feelings.

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But when a mysterious creature named Larry uses Oliver’s smart device to enter this world, Oliver’s parents have to keep their son away from the screen of his tablet and mobile phone to fight and save his life. As you can see in the trailer, Larry has important components of the digital world that are combined with Oliver’s real-world perspective or made a reality. Larry is a self-conscious monster who wants to enter the real world from the digital world.

Actors of Come Play 2020 movie

In October 2018, it was announced that Jacob Chase would direct and write Come Play. Jacob Chase has adapted Come Play from his own Larry short film. In the following, we will introduce the actors of the Come Play movie.

Gillian Jacobs as Sarah

Come Play Download

American actress and director Gillian Jacobs was born on October 19, 1982. She is best known for her role as Britta Perry in NBC’s comedy series Community and as Mickey Dobbs in the comedy-drama series Love. Jillian appeared as Mimi Ross Howard in the fourth season of Darem-Girls. He has also starred in Life of the Party 2018, Don’t Think Twice 2016, Hot Tub Time Machine 2, Life Partners 2014, and I Used to Go Here 2020 (I came here before) has played a role.

John Gallagher Jr. as Marty

John Gallagher Jr. was born on June 17, 1984 in the United States. He has appeared in several television programs. His series include Love Monkey 2006, Ed 2003, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit 2009, The West Wing 2002, and The Flamingo Rising. 2001 (Flamingo Uprising) noted. He also starred in The Newsroom, which aired on HBO. Golger Jr. has also starred in films such as 10 Cloverfield Lane and Underwater.

Azzy Robertson as Oliver

Azhy Robertson is best known for starring in Marriage Story 2019 and The Plot Against America 2020. The latest performance of this child actor was in the same movie Come Play 2020.

Other actors in Come Play include:

Winslow Fegley as Brian
Jayden Marine as Matthew
Gavin MachIver-Wright as Zack
Rachel Wilson as Jennifer
Alana-Ashley Marques

Release date of the horror film Come Play

Focus Features was scheduled to release Come Play on July 24, 2020, but the outbreak of coronary heart disease led to the cancellation of the film on that date. October 30, 2020 is the latest release date for Come Play.

In the above article, we discussed the story, actors and release date of the horror film Come Play. A film that shows a different view of the virtual world and technology. What do you think of Come Play? Are you interested in such films that challenge technology? After reading this article, please write your opinion to us at the bottom of this page.

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