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Mission Impossible 7

Mission Impossible 7 director’s description of the demolition of the old Polish bridge

Mission Impossible 7 Official Trailer And Review (The download link in the end of this post)

The margins created around the demolition of the old Polish bridge in the seventh Mission Impossible film are accompanied by the director’s reaction…

In recent months, various rumors have been circulating about the production of Mission Impossible 7, one of the most important of which is the old bridge in a part of Poland, which the makers of the latest Mission Impossible movie are rumored to be destroying.

The same story prompted writer and director Christopher McCurry to comment on the issue.

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“We never intended to blow up a 111-year-old protected monument,” McCurry said in a statement posted on the Empire site. In the early stages of filmmaking, storyboards were prepared by Mark Bristol in which part of a bridge was destroyed.

Since we are in the process of building Mission: Impossible, we try to make more use of real events and less special effects, we were looking for similar things for the new film, and Polish officials contacted us and informed us about the bridge. “They said it could be used to make a film.”

Mission Impossible 7 (2021) Official Trailer

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“This bridge, which used to be part of a railway line, has been there for years without any special use and needs major repairs, to the point that it needs to be demolished,” he said.

To be able to build a new bridge instead and provide better services to the region to improve the tourism situation there.

“The bridge is also built on a man-made lake that is used for works such as generating electricity from water, so the bridge must be destroyed in a way that does not harm the surrounding environment.”

All in all, it seems that the filmmakers need to demolish and replace the old bridge anyway, rather than the filmmakers themselves, and the creators of Mission: Impossible 7 only intended to take advantage of this opportunity.

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“Someone I do not want to name has claimed that he was supposed to have a job and a position in the filmmaking process, but we did not consider him worthy of the team,” McCurry said.

After he did not enter the project, he retaliated against the film and its production process and marginalized the story of the bridge in the media, which was not replaceable and in any case should have been destroyed.

“Eventually, his actions caused this misinformation to spread among the people and the media, creating the mentality that we intended to destroy a historic bridge just for the sake of filming.”

Mission Impossible 7 (2021) Official Trailer

In any case, according to McCurry, the bridge in question must be demolished in order to replace it with a new one, and this issue was under consideration before the production of Mission Impossible 7 began and was not directly related to this film.

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