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Tesla Trailer

Tesla is a biopic movie of Michael Almereyda focusing on the life of Nikola Tesla.

The dispute between Tesla and Edison has been one of the biggest differences between scientists in history. Both were inventors who had a great reputation. Tesla worked at Edison’s workshop for less than a year, and when he saw that Edison reject his ideas, he finally left. Maybe if Edison had listened more to his co-worker and worked with him, the world would have been different. However, the history of science is full of these possibilities and talents

In Tesla, it is no exaggeration to recreate the dramatic events of the characters’ lives. For example, the Theory of Everything is acceptable work in the biographical genre, which has become an attractive work by showing the love life of Stephen Hawking.

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The emphasis of the film is on understanding Tesla’s complex character, and we are dealing with many possibilities in the film.

We see Tesla trying to serve humanity, a service that people are not yet ready for and don’t deserve that.
As Anne Morgan, as the film’s narrator, puts it, Idealism is not compatible with capitalism, and this becomes the greatest crisis of genius consolation.
Tesla also says that enlightenment is terrible. Through enlightenment, we become aware of our limitations and frighten this human being.

Capitalists support the inventor to the extent that they can make money from his invention. Unlike Edison, he is not a man of reckoning and reconciliation with capitalism, and it is natural for him to die alone at the age of 87, but his letter will never be forgotten.

Tesla Trailer

Tesla quick Review

All in all, Almereyda’s Tesla is a bit boring because it’s about a man who left 700 inventions and never revealed many of his inventions (something Nolan used well in The Prestige).
Tesla’s life was not as simple as his ideas, but in any case, the film’s bold critique was well conveyed to capitalism, but it did not penetrate Tesla’s character as much as it should.

Movie Details

Director: Michael Almereyda

Writer: Michael Almereyda

Runtime: 102 min

Release Date: 21 August 2020 (USA)

Genre: Biography, Drama 

Stars: Ethan Hawke, Eve Hewson, Eli A. Smith

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